Crystalline RR

Real time Raman

The CrystallineRR gives the user access to real time Raman spectroscopy, in combination with a sophisticated parallel crystallizer with turbidity measurement. The independent Raman probes are integrated in an ergonomically designed, pre-aligned, robust and sealed module. The user does not have to insert any probes into the reaction vessel.

See when it happens

Traditionally analytical techniques are implemented in an off-line fashion, where samples have to be removed from the reaction or process, in order to obtain information about chemical composition or interactions. With offline techniques one obtains information on a few data points in time, but the nagging question always remains: Have I missed something? With the CrystallineRR it is easy to follow crystallization processes and to study polymorph conversions, hydration or the formation of solvates in slurries.

Chemical interactions like co-crystal and salt formation can be studied effortlessly during the process. This hassle-free tool enables you to screen many solvents, counter-ions or co-formers on a small amount of compound – giving you valuable answers much earlier on in the process and in short time.

  • Real time information on chemical interactions
  • Drive reactions based on spectroscopic results
  • Measure relative reaction rates


Download here application note