Crystalline Standard Edition

The Crystalline® SE has all the capabilities of a sophisticated parallel crystallizer; yet it is not much larger than a shoe box. This ergonomically designed core module features reaction vessels with overhead stirring on sample volumes as small as 2 mL. Utilizing the specially designed overhead stirring one can mix even the most viscous materials in a controlled fashion, facilitating the study of slurry conversions and other processes at a small scale.

  • 8 parallel reactors
  • Real time, through the vial turbidity measurements
  • Refluxing at a milliliter scale
  • Evaporation feature
  • Anti-solvent and seeding features
  • Reactors with different type of overhead stirring


The Crystalline® SE was specially designed by scientists who perform crystallization experiments on a daily basis to speed up your crystallization, process development and formulation research.

  • Solubility and phase diagrams
  • Nucleation rate and induction time measurements
  • Parallel crystallization studies
  • Salt and co-crystal formation studies
  • Hydrate formation studies
  • Develop and optimize your process
  • Controlled scale-up from microliter screens
  • Optimize and control you formulation process

Customize the Crystalline to you individual needs

The modular design of the Crystalline® allows for customization according to your individual needs and budget. You can combine turbidity information with a parallel particle viewer or with real time Raman capabilities. All of these techniques are integrated into a small reactor with overhead stirring and refluxing capabilities.