Avantium Crystallization Systems is now Technobis Crystallization Systems

The Crystallization Systems team is very pleased to announce the sale of Avantium Crystallization Systems to our longtime engineering, development and manufacturing partner Technobis BV. The addition of Crystallization Systems as a division of Technobis will enable even greater focus on translating customer needs into new product development. The extensive engineering capabilities at Technobis will provide the resources needed to further collaborate with our customers on our growing pipeline of crystallization instruments. Our strategy is focused on making researchers all over the world more successful by providing advanced technology solutions for crystallization R&D.

“I am very excited for the future of Crystallization Systems within Technobis, BV. Our customers will benefit from working with the same team with the addition of increased scientific and engineering capabilities for product development. Ten years after launching the first Crystal16, our team is regarded as the market leader globally for both our technology and our high level of customer service. This transition enables us to expand our product line while continuing to provide best-in-class service to our customers. “ Amy Wagner, Global Sales Director.

“Avantium crystallization systems have built a tremendous team that we are excited to welcome into the Technobis family. Here at Technobis, providing front-end technologies for R&D solutions is one of the largest growth opportunities, and Avantium Crystallization Systems is a terrific, strategic and financially compelling fit for our business.” Pim Kat, CEO Technobis Group.

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The Crystallization Systems Team can still be reached at:

US and ROW Sales: 
Amy Wagner, Global Sales Director 
T: +1 563-564-1988 
E: amy.wagner@technobis.com

EU Sales: 
Danny Stam, EU Sales Manager 
T: +31 620605479 
E: danny.stam@technobis.com

General Manager: Stephan van Banning 
T: +31 634347095 
E: Stephan.vanBanning@technobis.com

Technical Support and Customer Service: