It's Not Just Useful to Determine Solubility - It's and Absolute Necessity!

It doesn't matter if you are preparing a 1L or a 50L batch of your compound—solubility information of your compound is essential to achieve an efficient and reliable crystallization process.

Solubility and implicitly the phase diagram of a compound indicate to you the most stable form at specific conditions, and allows you to determine the yield of your process. Further, the solid-state form is a key quality attribute of a crystalline product. It is essential to understand the solid-state behavior and solubility of your compound over a range of conditions and to rationally select the optimal solid form for development. Besides the pharmaceutical industry, solubility plays an important role and directly impacts the agrochemical, electronic, explosive, fine chemical, food, pigment, and polymer industries, among others.

Both Crystal16 and Crystalline instruments reliably promote solubility determination by temperature variation (TV) method, in which clear points are measured. The solubility is changed by changing the temperature, until it matches the concentration. A clear point is then the temperature at which a suspension turns into a clear solution. The method is effortless and time-effective for recording solubility data of a single phase component system through a temperature variation until it matches concentration.

Recently published method by ter Horst et al. enables one to record solubility data of complex multicomponent mixtures (e.g. co-crystals, anti-solvent, formulation mixtures) at constant temperature in no time and effortless with the use of a Crystalline instrument. The concentration of each component can be easily tracked. By making the addition continuous and by using clear point measurements for ease of operation, the method can be also automated.

Traditionally, the solubility is measured through equilibration of a suspension for a certain amount of time and equal to the determined concentration of the equilibrated solution. Nevertheless, the method is laborious and time-consuming. Technobis Crystallization Systems comes to help you with your solubility measurements of a single or a multicomponent system by providing you the latest technology existent in the field. Solubility determination of a multicomponent system has never been easier.

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