Again in 2013, many industrial and academic groups have used our Crystallization System to enhance their research. This has resulted in a significant number of new publications covering a wide range of applications. Many of these articles feature the use of our Crystal16. To access the full list, please click here.

Many useful topics concerning the use of our Crystallization Systems have been published by industrial customers. We would like to highlight the publications from our industrial customers Sanofi-Aventis and Takeda Pharmaceutical which insight on the use of our equipment in product research and development.

These include articles such as Sanofi-Aventis; ”From laboratory to pilot plant: The solid-state process development of a highly potent cathepsin S/K inhibitor” or “Polymorph screening of an active material” and Takeda Pharmaceutical; “Rational polymorph screening based on slow cooling crystallization of poorly soluble mebendazole”.