Technobis Virtual Workshop

Working from Home? Checkout this webinar series!

We thought it might be a good time to provide you with some remote learning opportunities. Here is a series of webinars covering  different subjects, such as: solubility, crystallization, chirality, cocrystallization, polymorphs, crystallization process. 

This webinars are brought to you in the format of a Virtual Workshop! If you are interested in crystallization, looking to solve day to day crystallization challenges and optimize best practices, have a look at the webinars from this series. Keynote speakers from both industry and academia provide updates on the latest trends in the field.

If you have questions for one of our presenters, please write us at We will make sure all your questions are answered.


Solubility                                                                             Crystallization Process


Phase Diagrams                                                                  Polymorph control


Cocrystals                                                                           Chirality