Technobis Crystallization Systems is a pioneer in the field of solid state research and developed a number of unique and proprietary technologies.

Initially the company operated under the name of Avantium Crystallization Systems. Avantium Crystallization Systems was a subsidiary of Avantium Holding, a company founded in February 2000 as a spin-off from Shell. A unique consortium of strategic shareholders including Pfizer, GSK, Eastman Chemical, WR Grace and Akzo Nobel joined as strategic partners and invested in Avantium. The company focused on high-throughput experimentation with applications across a range of industries and created one of the most advanced chemical laboratories in the world.  In January 2015, the company was acquired by its longtime engineering, development and manufacturing partner Technobis BV.

Technobis is a group of companies providing development and supply of high-tech instruments and modules for companies worldwide.

Technobis Crystallization Systems offices and headquarters are based in Alkmaar, The Netherlands.