Meet ReactALL: 
The future of reaction screening

Today’s scientists spend too much time on reaction screening.
ReactALL is an innovative benchtop multiple reactor system with integrated sampling automation, that speeds up your product development by 5 times.

Why is ReactALL different?

Route scouting

Fully automated dose-sample-quench-dilute-rinse sequencing, along with the use of just 5 to 10 mL samples, enables you to achieve the most efficient throughput.

Reaction screening

Fill in the gap between complex robotic platforms and non-automated large reactors. Enjoy the best of both worlds in one device.

Reaction optimization

Increase your reaction yield with multiple reactors operating independently. Control temperatures between -25°C and 150°C with accuracy and speed.

Reaction profiling and kinetics

Immediately identify the chemical reaction characteristics and save up to 76% of the experiment duration, by using SmartCap™ technology.

Product movie

Integrated automated sampling, quench, and dilution directly into HPLC vials

ReactALL comprises five small-scale reactors, each equipped with fully automated sampling thanks to SmartCap™ technology. Representative samples are immediately quenched, diluted, and transferred to standard HPLC vials for a streamlined workflow.

  1. The sample, quench and dilution volumes are precisely controlled by the system for quantitative analysis.
  2. Wide bore tubing and streamlined pump-free fluidics assure robust sample transfer, even for heterogeneous samples.
  3. No pierced holes in your reactor septa, so no risks of losing solvent.

Overhead stirring without grinding solids

Take your reaction screening experiments to the next level with the SmartCap™ technology.

  1. Innovative stirrers designed with the aid of Computational Fluid Dynamics to evenly suspend solids without grinding.
  2. The helical shape above a pitch blade creates small eddies which promote mixing and homogenous distribution of solids, even at the small reactor diameters of the instrument.
  3. Agitators do not grind solids, a distinct advantage over stir bars which can grind solids and alter chemistry.

Reclaim up to 76% of your experiment time

Speed your product's time to market, saving precious time, resources, and costs along the way. Start running your experiments over night and find out the results the next morning.

  1. Utilize the power of SmartCap™ Technology: Fully automated, unattended sampling in each reactor.
  2. Controlled sequencing perfection: Flawlessly executed Sample-Quench-Dilute-Rinse sequence, without the need for additional probes or internal pumps.
  3. Crafted for homogeneous mixing: Attain uniform mixing with specifically designed stirrers.

Achieve research excellence with next-gen analytics

The instrument’s in-line analytics do not require probes, wires,
or conduits, and have no contact with the reaction mixture. Never worry again about potential perturbations or cross-contamination.

  1. Precision particle visualization: The integrated color cameras provide invaluable insights into particle shape and size, and allow you to continuously monitor the ongoing reaction. See and profile reaction texture, i.e., homogeneous vs. heterogeneous with separated oil or solid phases, and see solid characteristics.
  2. Raman spectroscopy integration: Confirm the chemical composition of your samples with integrated Raman spectroscopy as an optional feature.
  3. Transmissivity technology (Turbidity): Gain clarity on the clear and cloud points in the early stages, with cutting-edge transmissivity technology.

Maximize insights with minimal material usage

ReactALL empowers you to explore multiple experimental conditions with data richness, all while saving resources.

  1. Minimal working volume, maximum output: Operate with a mere 5 to 10 mL of reaction mixture.
  2. Versatile Screening: Ideal for organic synthesis and multi-condition screening.
  3. Independent temperature control: Take full control of your experiment temperature in each of the 5 reactors. From -10°C to 150°C, no chiller is required. Achieve even lower temperatures, down to -25°C, with the optional chiller.

Designed for the Lab of the Future

Save time and materials while increasing insights and results. ReactALL is designed to integrate with Lab of the Future to provide a user-friendly and intuitive experience when you streamline your experiment processes.

  1. Precise, reproducible, standardized, and scalable data
  2. Ability to connect to 3rd party devices thanks to open APIs
  3. Compact-sized solution, optimized for productivity

Everything you need to know about the ReactALL