We provide innovative technology solutions that span a wide range of applications, including crystallization, process optimization and formulation-related research, and screening of laboratory reactions for production.

World-leading technology provider of cutting-edge benchtop instrumentation 

Since 2005, our platforms for accelerating crystallization research (CrystalBreeder™, Crystal16®, Crystalline™) have been successfully developed and installed in nearly every pharmaceutical research lab in the world. With this strong global presence, we help the scientific community to drive forward the rapidly advancing pharmaceutical development space. In recent years, we have been developing new applications in agrochemical, fine chemical, (bio) fuel research, food, and personal care. We are always searching for new markets in which crystallization research and technology can engineer progress for the benefit of researchers, manufacturers, and consumers.  
In 2024, we expanded our instrument portfolio beyond crystallization research and into the broader field of chemical process research and development. With the game changing ReactALL™ instrument, we empower process chemists across various markets to successfully optimize and scale up their reaction experiments for production, with unprecedented efficiency. Designed by scientists, for scientists.