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Technobis is a world-leading laboratory technology provider for chemical synthesis, solid-state research, process development and formulation. Our mission is to help researchers worldwide be more successful and efficient. To achieve this, we develop smart and fast solutions designed for the Lab of the Future, based on our unique technology, knowledge, and expertise.

About Technobis

Since 2005, our platforms for accelerating crystallization research (CrystalBreeder™, Crystal16®, Crystalline™) have been successfully developed and installed in nearly every pharmaceutical research lab in the world. With this strong global presence, we help the scientific community to drive forward the rapidly advancing pharmaceutical development space. In recent years, we have been developing new applications in agrochemical, fine chemical, (bio) fuel research, food, and personal care. We are always searching for new markets in which crystallization research and technology can engineer progress for the benefit of researchers, manufacturers, and consumers.  
In 2024, we expanded our instrument portfolio beyond crystallization research and into the broader field of chemical process research and development. With the game changing ReactALL™ instrument, we empower process chemists across various markets to successfully optimize and scale up their reaction experiments for production, with unprecedented efficiency. 
Close collaboration with academic and commercial partners allows us to leverage their expertise and constantly innovate. We incorporate the latest technologies and features to build instruments ready for the Lab of the Future - from artificial intelligence and robotic integration to automation and interoperability. Designed by scientists, for scientists. 

What they 
say about us

Invaluable instrument in pharmaceutical process development.

  • Principal Scientist MSD
  • Lead of Crystallization Lab

The user friendly Crystal16 enables me to rapidly acquire large datasets on solubility, MSZW’s and induction times.

  • Project Leader
  • Ardena

Mandatory for any physical chemistry or solid state lab!

  • PhD Student
  • UC Louvain

Expedited solubility curve development.

  • Manager Crystallization & Chromatography Tech
  • ADM

A thorough understanding of solubility is the key to process crystallization design. The Crystal16 is an essential tool in rapidly measuring the solubility of solids in various solvents as a function of temperature and hence is an invaluable instrument in pharmaceutical process development.

  • Principal Scientist MSD
  • Lead of Crystallization Lab