Take your reaction screening process to the next level

Obtain high-quality, data-rich experimentation with very low material needs at medium-throughput.

The challenges in reaction screening

Screening reactions for the best catalyst, reagent, or solvent is often
done with high-throughput robotic platforms at very small scale. While
these systems can explore a wide range of variables, the experimental
conditions may not be scale predictive, and each reaction gives very little data, typically just reaction endpoint analysis. Confirmational experiments are required at larger scale under more scale predictive conditions, especially for heterogeneous reactions which includes about 70% of reactions.

A better way to run reaction screening experiments

ReactALL’s facility with heterogeneous reactions makes it ideal for
confirmatory screening experiments.

Moreover, ReactALL can be used to screen for scalability, i.e., sensitivity to scale up parameters:

  • Stoichiometry variations (e.g. from local concentration gradients on scale);
  • Temperature variations (e.g. from local hot spots on scale);
  • Lot-to-lot variability of reagents, starting materials, and solvents.

Importantly, the smaller scale and higher throughput of ReactALL relative to typical automated laboratory reactors allows performing these key experiments earlier in the process development timeline when custom synthetic intermediates are in limited supply and very expensive.

Curious to learn more?

Download the product sheet of ReactALL to explore the instrument's technical features and applications in chemical process research and development.