Make your route scouting more time and cost efficient

Finding the most efficient synthetic routes in your route scouting process can be difficult when custom synthetic intermediates are limited and expensive. With ReactALL, you can collect more data, obtain greater experimental control, and achieve higher throughput at a lower scale.

The importance of route scouting in process chemistry

Route scouting is an essential step in the chemical development process for the manufacturing of a drug substance. After the preclinical stage, the route of synthesis used in the drug discovery phase may not be feasible or optimum for large scale manufacturing. A wide range of factors such as safety, environmental, economic, control, and throughput are considered before establishing the final route for synthesis.

Obtain greater data richness with a fraction the initial materials

ReactALL offers the unique advantage of considerably greater data richness and much higher quality experimental control than high-throughput screening. It also offers greater throughput at a significantly lower scale than typical automated laboratory reactors. This allows truly doing more with less, by applying high-quality, data-rich experimentation earlier in the process development timeline when custom synthetic intermediates are in limited supply and very expensive.

For example, more efficient synthetic routes may be enabled sooner by getting key but difficult reactions to work by studying more conditions in greater detail more quickly.

Curious to learn more?

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