Optimize your reaction screening

Gain control of your experiments with ReactALL. By optimizing reaction yield, selectivity, and impurities control under various temperatures and stoichiometry conditions, ReactALL enables rapid and efficient reaction screening.

Too many variables in your reaction screening process?

The optimization of reaction yield, selectivity, and impurity control with respect to continuous variables such as temperature and stoichiometry requires quality data-rich experimentation, ideally with higher throughput and smaller scale. However, all these variables are very challenging to control in the reaction screening process.

Gain control of your experiments

ReactALL provides the data richness that chemists needs to make informed decision early in the chemical process research. The instrument is able to provide high-throughput even at a small scale (using just 10% of the initial materials – a fraction of the current market standard). 

The integrated HPLC sampling within ReactALL is particularly valuable for profiling not only main components, but also trace impurities due to the high dynamic range of HPLC.

The reaction screening time is highly optimized. Chemists can automate up to 76% of the experiment time outside their normal working hours and have the data insights readily available the next morning.

Curious to learn more?

Download the product sheet of ReactALL to explore the instrument's technical features and applications in chemical process research and development.