Efficient determination of solubility curves

Application note 3

Solubility data are used to make crucial decisions from the earliest stages of drug discovery and throughout the entire development process. The Crystal16™ and CrystalClear™ software provide the ideal tools to efficiently gather and analyze solubility data at an early stage, using only minimal amounts of sample.

Experimental determination of solubility curves traditionally relies on labor-intensive techniques, which is why detailed solubility data are often not available. The Crystal16™ combines automation with integrated turbidity measurement to determine cloud and clear points and is ideally suited to acquire solubility data at an early stage using only minimal amounts of sample.

Using a Crystal16™ with 16 vials holding 4 different concentrations of a drug substance in 4 different solvents and applying 2 temperature cycles with a heating rate of 0.5 °C/min and a cooling rate of 1 °C/min, 4 solubility curves can be measured in duplicate in half a day.

Discover why several pharmaceutical companies have already chosen the Crystal16™ as their standard tool to determine solubility of their drug compounds.