Crystal16 as a multi-functional tool for solubility, solid-form screening, and crystallization process development

  • Webinar
  • 23 February 2023, Online

About the webinar

Crystallization of small molecules is of great importance across different research fields, including pharmaceutical, food and agrochemical industries. The arrangement of the molecules in the crystal can profoundly influence the physico-chemical properties, manufacturability, stability and other performance characteristics of the compound. Therefore, designing different solid forms with various physical properties can make them more suitable for a certain application. In that respect, Crystal16 is capable to efficiently perform solid form screening and solubility determination as well as to determine the parameters leading to a robust crystallization process.

This webinar offered an occasion of describing how to use Crystal16 as an effective tool for solubility determination, crystal growth and solid form screening. Particularly, the capability of the C16 instrument to efficiently provide novel solid forms and guide their crystallization processes was explored in the case of agrochemical compounds.

This webinar is open to researchers interested in crystallization, looking to solve day to day crystallization challenges and optimize their best practices.

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Dr. Mihaela Pop -  Chief Scientific Officer at TeraCrystal

Mihaela Pop has over 20 years of experience in solid state chemistry, accumulated from both academic and industry working environment. Having gained a PhD in Crystallography from “Babes-Bolyai” University of Cluj, Romania, she moved forward to take up a postdoctoral fellowship at University of Amsterdam. She started her professional career at Crystallics/Avantium, The Netherlands, pioneer in the field of crystallization and polymorphism. She was in charge of leading the Pharma Department, being responsible of the commercial solid-state programs.

Since 2013, Mihaela serves as Chief Scientific Officer and currently oversees the entire scientific, research and technological operations at TeraCrystal. Her scientific expertise is enriched by a substantial experience in developing, implementing and promoting of new concepts related with crystal form investigations.

Webinar Recording