Modeling Approaches to Increase the Efficiency of Clear-Point-Based Solubility Characterization

The clear point method for solubility characterization is well-suited to early-stage solvent screening because it does not require sampling or sample analysis. Efficient application of this approach, however, requires:

(1) a priori knowledge of the solubility in the various solvents of interest; 
(2) a method to extrapolate the measured results to a specific temperature of interest, and 
(3) understanding of suitable temperature ramp rates. 

Did you know that the Crystal16 helps you to determine solubility curves within 4 hours using only 100 mg of material?!

The presentation given by Dr. Paul Larsen (research scientist at DOW) at the Crystallization Workshop on October 3rd 2018 in Boston describes various models that have proven useful to enable efficient application of the clear point method for early-stage solvent screening in an industrial setting. 

Check out here how the Crystal16 was used at DOW to explore solubility in a fast and efficient way.