Nucleation and Growth Kinetics for Combined Cooling and Antisolvent Crystallizationin an MSMPR System: Estimating Solvent Dependency

Nucleation is one of the key phenomena in crystallization as it initiates crystal formation in a running crystallization process and it controls particle attributions, such as polymorphism and size distribution. In a study performed at MIT and presented by Jennifer M. Schall at the Crystallization Workshop on October 3rd 2018 in Boston, both growth and nucleation kinetic parameters were demonstrated to be strong functions of solvent composition, while only growth was a strong function of temperature for the studied active pharmaceutical ingredients/solvent/antisolvent system. Solvent- and temperature-dependent kinetic parameters were regressed simultaneously for continous, mixed-suspension, mixed-product removal (MSMPR) crystallization.

Find out here on how Crystal16 was used at MIT to gain deeper knowledge of conditions for the occurrence of specific nucleation mechanisms enabling rapid MSMPR cascade design and optimization for antisolvent crystallization processes.