#IWD2023. The future of science is female.

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  • March 8, 2023

Inspiring more females into science for International Women’s Day

Dr. Carmen Guguta - Global Head of Business Development and Marketing at Technobis - shares her journey of advacing a career in the STEM and life sciences sector.

"Growing up, I would find any excuse to join my family in the laboratory during their studies. I was fascinated by how drugs worked in the body and how they were developed. When it was time to choose my own career path, my mind was made up. [In Romania], and in sciences classes at school, I remember that there was a healthy gender balance, reflecting Romania’s world-leading status for women in STEM. In fact, 41% of scientists and engineers in Romania are female, compared to a global average of just 26%", Guguta says.

"After my Bachelor's and Master's degree in Romania, I relocated to the Netherlands to complete a PhD, studying active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). While academically I felt at home, the huge difference in gender splits between the Netherlands and Romania was evident. From the day that I accepted my first position working in science in the Netherlands, I made it my mission to inspire other females into the industry", she adds.


In my role at Technobis Crystallization Systems, I’m a huge advocate for workforce diversity and getting more females in management roles.

Carmen's story is featured in this article on European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer alongside other empowering women leading in STEM and life sciences.