Growing X-ray Quality Single Crystals

  • Application note
  • July 25, 2019
About the author

Technobis Crystallization Systems is grateful to Prof. Dr. Bernhard Spingler and Philippp Nievergelt from University of Zurich, Switzerland, and Dr. Doris Braun from Innsbruck University, Austria.

Grow X-ray quality crystals to make ensure you are not losing useful chemical information

Would you like to know the crystal structure of your active ingredient? Do you see the need of having the molecular structure confirmed? Do you want to be able to understand physicochemical properties of your Active Ingredient?

This application note on growing X-ray quality crystals can help you answer these questions.

Content Overview:
  • Basic Steps Into Growing Single Crystals
  • Hand In Hand Computational & Experimental Work
  • Tips & tricks
  • Thermal crystallization for growing single crystal with the CrystalBreeder
  • Results
  • Sublimation for growing single crystal with the CrystalBreeder
  • Conclusions

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