Automating Nucleation Kinetics Analysis With Crystal16: Effect of Solvent on Nucleation

  • Application note
  • April 2, 2024

About the app note

Nucleation is the first step of crystallization that profoundly influences crystal growth, polymorphism, crystal size, and distribution.  The nucleation kinetics is determined by isothermal method in which induction time is measured at various supersaturations. This method utilizes the stochastic nature of nucleation to construct the cumulative probability distribution of induction time at constant supersaturation.

In this application note, the nucleation kinetics of ascorbic acid in water and ethanol-water binary solvent systems were analysed using Crystal16 by the isothermal method. The software represented the measured induction time values well by the Poisson probability distribution function to determine the nucleation rate (J) and growth time (tg) using classical nucleation theory (CNT). 

Content overview:

  • What is nucleation?
  • How to determine nucleation kinetics?
  • Case Study: Effect of solvent composition on nucleation rate of
    ascorbic acid
  • Conclusions

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