Celebrating 16 years of Crystal16 – The Magazine

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  • April 18, 2022

Highlights of Crystal16 throughout the past 16 years

In the past 16 years, the Crystal16 has become a staple in many chemical and solid-state laboratories, by enabling and accelerating research in fields ranging from pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, energetic materials, fuels, agrochemical, foods and thermo-responsive materials.

The unrivalled accuracy and control over the crystallization process provided by the device, coupled with our proprietary Transmissivity® technology, have facilitated breakthroughs in research throughout molecular development. This has made the Crystal16 to be the industry standard for fast solubility determinations and is routinely used by many academic and industrial researchers worldwide.

The best examples from the last 16 years of research using the Crystal16 in pharma, the chemical industry and polymer science, as well as abstracts on the methodology of these types of experiments have been collated by the Technobis Crystallization Systems team in this online magazine.

Discover how the Crystal16 can accelerate your crystallization and solid-state research and help your projects succeed!

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