Quantifying Nucleation and Growth Rates from Population Balance Models in Crystalline

  • Presentation
  • June 23, 2023


Dr. Gerard Capellades - Assistant Professor, Rowan University

Content overview

During the webinar Dr. Capellades discussed how methods for the measurement of secondary nucleation and crystal growth rates are often inconsistent due to differing strategies in the selection of supersaturation models. As a solution, we will be discuss a recent workflow of automated methods for the experimental screening, data analysis, and parameter estimation for secondary nucleation and crystal growth kinetics in solution crystallization. The methods, developed through a collaboration between Rowan University and Pfizer, have been integrated with common experimental protocols in the determination of induction times for primary nucleation, and with the use of commercially available tools that can be found in crystallization laboratories across academia and industry. These tools include Crystalline as well as process simulation software.

This presentation was showcased during a webinar. You can watch a recording of the webinar in the Events & Webinars section, click here to access.

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