Rapid solubility and metastable zone width

  • Application note
  • March 29, 2023
About the author

Technobis would like to thank Monica David, Claudia Brăilă, Mihaela Pop and TeraCrystal for their help with this application note.

Rapid solubility and metastable zone width / Assessment of agrochemicals using polythermal method

Crystallization is a commonly used process within the agrochemical sector. It is primarily used as a purification method but also to produce solids for suspension concentrate formulations. However, crystallization can be a very complex process, particularly when the molecules involved are large and have multiple rotational bonds, which is a growing trend with new agrochemicals molecules as resistance to old modes of action
is growing.

In this Application Note, using the Crystal16, several solvents and solvent compositions were screened rapidly. This allowed for the identification of conditions that would produce a high yield low volume antisolvent cooling crystallization using EtOAc as solvent and heptane as antisolvent. 

Content overview

  • Solubility and Metastable zone
  • Case Study MCPA
  • Discussion
  • Conclusions

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