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We are pleased to announce our participation in key symposium and conferences in the field of crystallization and formulation in 2022. These meetings are the perfect opportunity to see our instruments in action and meet with a product specialist.

We are looking forward to meeting you soon!

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We participate in the following events:

Apr 28   Launch Crystal16 - The Big Reveal FREE Webinar
May 31   Webinar Crystal16 - By Dr. Carmen Guguta FREE Webinar  
June 7-9    FCE Pharma Sao Paolo, Brazil
June 9-10   Crystal10 Lyon, France
June 22-24   OPRD - Booth #5 New Orleans, USA
July 7   Webinar Controlled Crystallization and Crystallization Inhibition. 
By Dr. Thierry Bonnaud of Veranova and Dr. Carmen Guguta
FREE Webinar
July 28    Webinar Single Crystal Perfection - Tips and Tricks
By Prof. Doris Braun and Prof. Bernhard Spingler
FREE Webinar
August 21-25   ACS Fall - Booth #442 Chicago, USA
August 22-26   Achema Frankfurt, Germany
August 31-2   BIWIC Aalto, Finland
September 1  

Webinar The challenges for API crystallization processes.                      By Dr. Sophie Janbon (AstraZeneca)

FREE Webinar
September 21-23   OPRD Basel Basel, Switzerland
September 28-29   ILMAC 2022 - Halle 7 - Booth#A64 Lausanne, Switzerland
October 2-5   24th ACT Larson Workshop Halifax, Canada
October 11-12   Formulation & Delivery San Diego San Diego, USA
October 16-19   AAPS Boston Boston, USA
November 2-3   Lab Innovations Birmingham, UK
November 8-11   Solution in Chemistry Sveti Marti na Muri, Croatia
November 9-11      Course on Polymorphism Milan, Italy



Upcoming webinars & events

Clinical Phases I and II – the challenges for API crystallization processes

FREE WEBINAR – Clinical Phases I and II – the challenges for API crystallization processes

Would you like to know what are the challenges for API crystallization processes? And what are the scientific approaches to tackle those challenges? Would you like to know the application of these approaches showcased on drug projects?

Make sure to join a free webinar brought to you by Sophie Janbon, Director at AstraZeneca. During this session, Sophie will address Clinical Phases I and II, and the challenges for API crystallization processes.


Sophie Janbon - Director at AstraZeneca

Dr. Sophie Janbon is a French citizen, who moved to the UK in 2004 to start a Ph.D. at the School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Sciences (SCEAS) at the University of Manchester in the group of Prof Roger Davey. Sophie's research topic was understanding crystallization pathways from thermotropic liquid crystalline states. Sophie started a Senior Crystallisation Scientist role at AstraZeneca in December 2007. Her main activity was to develop robust crystallization processes for APIs to provide suitable crystalline form and particle properties for downstream processes including efficient isolation/drying, formulation development, and drug product manufacture. These engineered physical attributes are to ensure patients are supplied with consistent and safe investigational medicines. Sophie was promoted in 2017 to Associate Principal Scientist in Crystallisation Science and then became a Team Manager in 2018 in the Early Development Phase (from pre-Lead Optimisation to Phase IIb). Her team consists of specialists including Biocatalysis, Crystallisation science, Material/Particle Science, and Process Engineering.

The slides of the presentation will be available for download after the webinar. 

A recording of this webinar could be also found on this page, after the webinar.



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