Crystallization Science and Agrochemical Formulation

Sometimes what you think will be the simplest things in science turn out to be the trickiest to predict, control, measure and explain. Solubility is one of those properties - it should be easy to find out whether a material is soluble in a solvent and to measure how soluble it is, shouldn't it? But then you start worrying about whether your system has reached equilibrium and then you read about supersaturated solutions. And that's before you even start to think about the effects of particle size or impurities.

A related area is crystallization. Why is it that sometimes your system forms crystals of a particular shape (or "habit") but sometimes they look completely different? Or maybe it's impossible even to get crystals at all.

Well it turns out that you can make a lot of progress in these areas when you understand some basic principles. This understanding can be used to help you formulate products (solutions or suspensions for instance) with the right properties and adequate stability.

With those thoughts in mind we've put together a short free webinar which we think will be a good basic introduction to stability and crystallization. We will take you through the essentials of crystallization and solubility, covering topics such as solubility measurement, solubility prediction, supersaturation, nucleation, crystal growth and crystal polymorphism. Then we will explore how these topics are practically related to the formulation of many agrochemical products.

This free webinar was presented by iFormulate and sponsored by Technobis Crystallization Systems.

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