Discovery of co-crystals

We are happy to share with you our webinar on "Discovery of co-crystals" presented by Prof. dr. Joop ter Horst from the Technical University of Delft.

During this webinar, we presented how to screen for new co-crystals using saturation temperature measurements. It was shown that solution compositions having the same stoichiometric composition as the envisaged co-crystal do not necessarily result in co- crystal formation. The right compositional region for co-crystal discovery is mainly governed by the pure component solubilities of the compound/active ingredient and co-former. Using the understanding of ternary phase diagrams and simple pure component solubility measurements an estimate can be made for the right solution composition. This speeds up the co-crystal fotmation screening procedure, increases success rate and avoids the failure to discover co- crystals.

Download more information about the subject of the first webinar.