Solubility: Importance, Measurement and More

The trend towards more complex molecules, materials and systems will proceed into the future bringing new crystallization challenges for particulate products such as pharmaceuticals. The solution to these challenges lies in a fundamental understanding of solubility, driving force and crystallization kinetics onto which we can build innovative, integrated and intensified continuous crystallization processes.

The solubility or phase diagram is essential information for efficient and reliable crystallization process design and operation. Different principles for solubility measurements exist and due to commercially available equipment there is now easy access to reliable solubility data. Solvent addition methods are convenient for complex multicomponent systems involving co-crystals or solvates.

Prof. dr. Joop ter Horst will be the speaker for this webinar. He leads an application driven fundamental research group at Strathclyde University Glasgow. His group is focused on various crystallization related topics such as Solubility, Crystal Nucleation, Continuous Crystallization and Chiral Resolution.

In this webinar you will gain a detailed overview of:

  • Why solubility curves are important;
  • How the solubility can be determined, also for complex multicomponent mixtures;
  • How crystallization kinetics such as the metastable zone width (MSZW) can be determined.

This free webinar was hosted by Scientific Update.

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