Crystallization Strategies in the Quest for Increased Yield and Chiral Purity

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Good crystallization process design, for intermediates or final APIs, can save you months of time during development. Dr Andrew Byrne will present a series of case studies to demonstrate the value created through the targeted application of ternary phase diagrams, PAT and other tools for the accelerated development of crystallization unit operations. In this webinar, Andrew will detail the initial crystallization design workflow, methodology, theory and engineering details associated with the journey towards robust crystallization operations for the resolution of stereoisomers and / or increasing crystallisation isolated yield. 

Andrew Byrne is a senior research scientist at APC Ltd in Dublin, Ireland. Andrew graduated with a B.Sc. in industrial and pharmaceutical chemistry from the University of Limerick (2010) and holds a Ph.D. in pharmaceutical organic chemistry from Trinity College Dublin (2014). Jumping straight into the world of PAT and process development, Andrew has been working as a process development research scientist at APC Ltd since early 2015. Andrew's project work in APC has included, but is not limited to, particle engineering, route scouting, process definition, crystallization, reaction optimisation and flow chemistry.