Crystallization: Screening, Applications & Process Development

H10 Hotels Metropolitan, Barcelona, SPAIN

Technobis Crystallization Systems team would like to thank all participants for meeting us in Barcelona this April for our European Crystallization Workshop. The event included an impressive audience from 15 different countries and speakers from Novartis, Esteve, Eli Lilly, University of Strathclyde and Catholic University Louvain. We enjoyed meeting with you all and hearing how our CrystalBreederCrystal16 and Crystalline instruments are used for crystallization screening, solubility, phase diagram determination, single crystal growth, co-crystallization and process optimization.

​This European event was dedicated to the crystallization community: learn, discuss and experience the science and cutting edge research.





Measuring Solubility & Crystallization Behaviour
Prof Dr Joop ter Horst - Strathclyde University, Glasgow

Post Rationalisation of Disorder, Metastable Polymorphs and Extreme Crystallisation Conditions
Dr Grahame Woollam - Novartis, Switzerland 

Crystallization Screenings: a Practical Overview
Dr Jordi Ceron Betran – Crysforma, Spain

Versatile Crystallization Process in Early Drug Discovery
Dr J. Eugenio de Diego – Eli Lilly, Spain

The Use of Simulation Tools for Crystallisation Process Development
Dr Stephen Winter – Esteve, Spain

Chirality in Pharmaceutical Compounds and Absolute  Configuration Determination
Dr Jordi Benet-Buchholz – ICIQ, Spain

Chiral Resolution and Deracemization Through Co-crystallization
Prof Dr Tom Leyssens – Catholic University Louvain, Belgium



Thank you so much for organising such an interesting workshop. We learned a lot during this day and look forward to applying some techniques to our projects.

I can only encourage you to carry on organizing such enlightening events and help more professionals and students to gain more knowledge about crystallization!

I am interested on crystallization so I found it really useful. I suggested to my managers that many more colleagues should attend it.

It was very useful and I would encourage you to organize it on a yearly basis.

I got to hear very informative talks on a very high level!

It was a nice symposium with a lot of challenges in terms of crystallization that were explained in detail. Highly interesting! Knowledge can be extracted from the different talks.

The talks were interesting, with a good balance between academics and pharma companies.

In my opinion, the workshop was brilliant. It contained a good variety of topics; some with more theoretical content and others more practical, combining pure industry with other institutions.
Eli Lilly