Physical Stability of Agrochemical Formulations

Presented by: Dr. Martin Viertelhaus, BASF SE, Germany

Formulation development is the art of making stable formulations that become instable when they need to deliver the active ingredient. However, up to the application of the formulation, stability is crucial within the set specification. Physical stability of formulations is an important parameter during formulation development, especially when testing multiple phase systems (suspensions or emulsions). Physical stability can refer to any kind of attributes ranging from appearance to color to viscosity from agglomeration to phase transformations like dissolution, melting or crystallization.

During our free webinar, we are going through the essentials of physical stability of formulations, covering topics such as stability testing, observation of eutectics, crystal growth, agglomeration and how these topics are practically related to the physical stability of agrochemical formulations.

If you are formulating multiple phase systems products, whether in agrochemicals or in other industries, you will benefit from attending the webinar.

For more information please also check the white paper with the same title from our publications database.