Online Free Workshop on Solvent Selection in Process Development during OPRD

FREE online workshop

17:00 (London time)

Technobis Crystallization Systems has joined forces with APC to host the free workshop on Solvent Selection in Pharmaceutical Crystallization Process Development! A webinar open to researchers interested in crystallization, looking to solve day to day crystallization challenges and optimize their best practices.

In this webinar, Dr Marko Ukrainczyk, Senior Scientist - Technical lead of a Small Molecule Crystallization Process Development Team at APC Ltd, Dublin will demonstrate the early phase crystallization process development strategy, through case studies of propriety API molecules, chosen as examples of the cooling and antisolvent crystallization workflows. The use of Raman spectroscopy will also be demonstrated in the context of early form/solvates and impurity identification.

If you would like to join our free workshop please join us HERE at the time of the event and make use of:

Meeting ID: 817 3456 7451
Passcode: Crystals





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