Crystallizing the science of CBD purification

  • Crystallization
  • 23 March 2023

About the webinar

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is the new star of functional ingredients. It is a food, medicine, saviour of the farmers, and even a health elixir. The cannabis and hemp industries have recently experienced extreme growth and progress in all fields. Countries, states, and countries are legalizing hemp and/or cannabis, cannabinoid producers see unpreceded business growth, and new treatment options for various conditions are researched and approved. But while the markets are growing, hemp and cannabis producers are suffering. An overproduction depresses commodity prices, and inefficient processes squeeze the profit margins. Additionally, hemp and cannabis products require high purity of cannabinoid ingredients, both from a regulatory level and for patient care.

This webinar covered the latest research on CBD isolation, from its solubility behaviour in common extraction solvents to purification via crystallization. The latest findings in understanding, controlling, and optimizing cannabis production in analytics, processing, extraction, and formulation were presented. The collaborative effort of the multidisciplinary research team at Delic Labs led to a diverse set of insights in every stage of production.

This webinar is open to researchers interested in crystallization, looking to solve day-to-day crystallization challenges and optimize their best practices.

To access the presentation slides, please click here.

Guest speaker

Dr. Markus Roggen

Chief Scientific Officer of Delic Labs

Dr. Markus Roggen is President and Chief Scientific Officer of Delic Labs, a licensed cannabis and psilocybin research laboratory focused on extraction optimization, analytical testing, and process development. Delic Labs is one of a handful of research labs licensed for both cannabis and psilocybin in Canada. Delic Labs was initially founded as Complex Biotech Discovery Ventures by Dr. Roggen and Prof. Dr. Glenn Sammis in 2018, and rebranded after the sale to Delic Corp.

Dr. Roggen received his M/Sci degree from Imperial College, London, UK in 2008. He then pursued his graduate degree in organic chemistry at the Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich (ETHZ), where he received his PhD in 2012. Dr. Roggen was awarded an DAAD postdoctoral fellowship to pursue further training in physical organic chemistry at The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla in 2013-2014. He then entered the cannabis industry in 2014 and since has held executive positions in analytical and production companies. His research into process optimization and analytical methods has been recognized with a number of awards, ElSohley Award of the ACS, Cannabis Scientist Power List 2020, 2021 & 2022, 40 under 40 by Marijuana Venture Magazine among others. Dr. Roggen is also a trusted advisor and mentor to multiple startups, startup accelerators and organizations.