Training on the Crystal16 instrument

  • Crystallization
  • 6 June 2024

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About the training

Crystal16 is the multiple reactor system for determining temperature dependent solubility curves and screening conditions for crystallization.

This comprehensive online training is ideal for users to maximize proficiency with the Crystal16 instrument in their solubility studies and crystallization research. It offers an in-depth exploration of the Crystal16 instrument, with a focus on the improved features in the latest version Crystal16 V3, compared to Crystal16 older versions. Current users of the Crystal16 will be guided through the Crystallization Systems software, enabling efficient navigation and utilization of the advanced capabilities.

The session covers key operational techniques:

  1. How to program an experiment
  2. How to do the tuning
  3. Analysis of results
  4. Additional features: feedback control and multi-analysis


Jyoti Yadav

Application Specialist at Technobis

Jyoti did her bachelor’s and master’s in chemical engineering from India. She earned her PhD on Experimental investigation of the effect of solvent and ultrasonication on cooling crystallization of ascorbic acid, from Indian Institute of Technology Ropar, India. During her PhD journey, she did one-year internship at Technobis Crystallization Systems, where she laid the foundation for her career as an Application Specialist. Her area of research includes crystallization, nucleation and growth, particle technology and fluid dynamics.