Enhance your early stage solid state screening

Automating your solid state screening process enables to perform a solid state screening using only a small amount of effort. The reproducible circumstances enable you to perform good science and meet regulatory requirements. The CrystalBreeder and Crystal16 provide the perfect tool to perform polymorph screening in an automated fashion.

Performing your polymorph screen using the CrystalBreeder or Crystal16 enables control over the stirring rate, temperature, cooling/heating rate, evaporation rate, concentration and solvent. This makes it possible to apply a wide variety of circumstances including the most used crystallization methods:

  • Cooling crystallization
  • Vapor diffusion
  • Evaporation crystallization
  • Temperature cycling
  • Slurry experiments
  • Cooling evaporation
  • Crystallization by layering

Temperature and heating rates can easily be varied by temperature programming.