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Speed your Molecule Through Development with Technobis Crystallization Systems for Commercial Success!

With the Technobis Crystallization Systems workflow, scientists are now able to perform well controlled crystallization studies from hit and lead identification up through process scale up and formulation. Combine the CrystalBreeder, Crystal16 and Crystalline in a flexible configuration to optimize solid-state success!

Drug substance development is continuous troubleshooting and risk management. In the initial R&D phase, crystallization is used as purification and isolation method for the compound. Next, in parallel with the process development, the solid-state chemistry manages your drug's physchem properties by finding the polymorph that will give the perfect balance between stability, solubility and permeability. Once the first GMP batches have been produced and the first clinical studies successfully completed, a full IP screen will provide the overview of additional crystalline polymorphs, salts, co-crystals and amorphous forms. Technobis crystallization instruments help scientists around the world speed their molecules through development for commercial success!

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