Single Crystal Perfection - Tips and Tricks

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Would you like to know the crystal structure of your active ingredient? Do you see the need of having the molecular structure confirmed? Do you want to be able to understand physicochemical properties of your Active Ingredient? Growing X-ray quality crystals can help you answer these questions.

This webinar was brought to you in a collaboration with Prof. Doris Braun (Innsbruck University) and Prof. Bernhard Spingler (Zurich University). During this session we addressed some of the challenges of growing single crystals and multiple solutions to the subject by covering different case studies.


Prof. Doris Braun - University of Innsbrück 

Prof. Doris Braun is a Priv.-Doz. at the Institute of Pharmacy at the University of Innsbruck. The location where she both graduated (2004) and promoted (2008) on her PhD in natural sciences. The current research in Innsbruck focuses on the scientific and applied problems related to solid-state properties of pharmaceuticals and other small organic molecules.

Before returning to Innsbruck she spend years at University College London (UK) in the Department of Chemistry. At UCL, she was introduced to the world of computational chemistry and is now applying both, experimental and computational approaches, in her research.

Prof. Bernhard Spingler - Zurich University

The resume of Prof. Bernhard Spingler is long and impressive. Since 2016 he is Titularprofessor at the University of Zürich, after gaining years of experience in the field of Bioinorganic chemistry, Crystallography and Screening.

Let the numbers speak for itself: Prof. Spingler has over 180 peer reviewed publications, a licence agreement, a patent application and over 550 entries in the Cambridge Structure Database and 19 entries in the Protein Databank.

The slides of the presentaton can be downloaded here.

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