Access crystallization and formulation information at mL scale with the Crystalline PV/RR

The in-line analytics -with no need for cleaning of the reactor- and AI-based image analysis gives every chemist valuable answers and much quicker than ever before. The Crystalline PV/RR with through the vial analytical capabilities like turbidity, particle view imaging or Raman is easy to set up and operate. The ergonomic design and effortless operation removes all the barriers to using technology which was previously only accessible to experts. The intuitive control and AI-based software analysis allows every user to classify crystal shapes into different shape classes and obtain the three-dimensional reconstruction of the crystals. Overlapping particles are history. No insert probes into reaction vessel and no cross contamination.

AI-base software and image analysis

AI-base software analysis ensures improved image analysis and research capabilities.

Next level hardware engineering

  • 6 times magnification reaching 0.63 microns per pixel

  • Improved temperature accuracy, control and stability

  • Ready for robotics

Advanced analytical features

  • Digital particle viewer, Real time Raman, Particle Size Distribution (PSD), Turbidity

  • Growth rate, particles size and shape assessment have never been so easy


Watch the interactive video and see for yourself