High Precision Optics

Every picture tells your story

The Crystalline PV/RR combines temperature and turbidity measurements with real time particle imaging. With four independent real time particle viewers. With four or eight high quality digital visualization probes, seeing what is happening in the vial has never been easier: no moving parts, no cumbersome insertion probes. With a robust design, the probes are contained in a sealed, pre-aligned and sturdy environment, giving the user walk-up access to four or eight parallel particle view cameras.

  • Visualization of the complete crystallization or formulation processes
  • Real time particle size and shape information at the smallest scale 

From left to right:
Nucleation within droplet, Emulsion, CrystallizationNucleation within droplet, Emulsion, Crystallization







Find out what is happening

Have you ever wondered what is happening during the crystallization or formulation processes? How do you know if the sample is aggregating, foaming or oiling out? Stop guessing: now you can see what is happening. You can easily correlate the turbidity signals with visual information finally getting the complete picture of thecrystallization or formulation processes.

  • Polymorph and solvate screening

  • Monitoring of habit changes

  • Searching for less stable intermediates

  • Controlling growth of certain polymorphs

  • Develop and optimize your process

  • Optimize and control your formulation process

The instrument comes with eight cameras positioned in a standard configuration, capable of up to 6.0 times magnification.
The resolution of 0.63 microns per pixel can be reached without any problems, making information close to nano scale easily available while you are performing your experiments.

The Crystalline PV/RR makes use of front light, which has twice the intensity of the previous model, allowing operators to visualize particles clearly in darker samples. The user can also choose to visualize their experiments in color, by making use of the color cameras option. 

Colored particle view imaging​Colored particle view imaging