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The optimum working volume is between 2 - 5 mL.

The advised stirring speed is between 700 – 1000 rpm.

The solubility curve has been described as a "roadmap for crystallization".

It is essentially a diagram of the solubility of the solute species in the crystallization solvent over the temperature range within which crystallization will occur. 

Always connect the Crystalline to a chiller set between 16° - 20°C.

The proprietary Crystalline caps facilitate refluxing on a milliliter scale, as well as seeding and anti-solvent addition experiments.

Please note that if the front light is switched on there will be no particle size determination on the images. 

The wavelength of the front as well back light LED is 460 nm with a band width between 400-520 nm. 

The telecentric optic gives undistorted images and can be configured with different magnification customized to the customers’ needs.  The magnifications are 2.8, 5.6 or 11.2 micron pixel resolution.

The turbidity measurement can be tuned to clear solutions in order to make it more sensitive. The standard procedure consists in heating your sample until everything is dissolved followed by tune and cool down to 20°C. Now you are ready to start you temperature profile for clear and cloud points determination.

Please send us an email at with the generated License_Request.txt file. We will shortly help you to get a new license.

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